HOW DO WE WORK | Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Club Member?

A Club Member is an existing Member who has signed up for a case of each of the range of wines we annually release during the winter.  To become a Club Member, one has to be a current Member and has to apply for a place by forwarding an email to

What is a Member?

Members are private clients who receive an allocation offer annually.  In order to become a Member, you need to click HERE to join our Waiting List.  This list is addressed chronologically as soon as wines become available.

What is the Waiting List?

In joining the Waiting List, you will enter into a numeric system for allocations that will move the list up as soon as an active Member declines his/her allocation.  Please click HERE to join our Waiting List.  Unfortunately we cannot give you a firm timeframe.  A place will only become available if and when an active Member drops off the list.  Meanwhile you will receive our release letters and news, but we hope to have you on board soonest.

What is the Newsletters sign-up about?

The Newsletter sign-up is a link we set up as a courtesy to clients and interested parties who prefer buying our wines from secondary distributors or fine wine retailers, but who would still like to receive information from the winery. It comes without any obligation to participate in sales. We only post two letters a year.

Can I visit the property?

We are sorry to report that the property cannot accommodate tours and impromptu wine tastings.  However, we have a few public tasting days set aside annually and you are most welcome to contact  to receive information about future dates and availability. 

Active Members do get an invite to our annual Members’ Review Tasting.